Karate & Self-Defence for Adults & Juniors

      At the Judokan students are taught to defend themselves against the common attacks which they can meet on the streets or even at school. The practice of karate soon brings self-confidence, discipline and fitness. Those who do not excel in competitive sports will soon find their participation and physique improved because of the training.

       The equipment for karate is relatively simple consisting of a cotton jacket and trousers. These can be purchased from the club instructor.

       This style of Karate was formed in 1993 by Sensei Joseph John 3rd Dan and Sensei Patrick Dobson 2nd Dan It is based on Wado Ryu and with a great emphasis on fighting techniques. The club has two sections of junior and adult classes taking place four times a week. All adult sessions take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Friday evenings are mixed junior and adult classes for those who wish to learn more advanced techniques.

       Junior sessions on Saturday afternoons are split into 2 classes, beginners and advanced.

        Over the years the club has always competed at the highest level, traveling up and down the country, and are now competing in Europe with some of the best competitors in the world.

        At this moment we have a very strong junior team ageing from 9 to 17 yrs. some of these juniors regularly compete in county and national championships in this country. 

        They all have amassed many miles between them, which is a testimony to the talented young team, notably Daniel Broom who started at the age of 6, at the Judokan Club, he has gone to take his 1st Dan, which makes him the first to do so as a junior at this club. He was also picked to compete in the Junior World Cup Open in Sweden where he took 2 silver medals in Kata and Kumite.

        Names like Daniel Broom, Christopher Mendes, Carlos Mendes, Arron John, Benjamin Broom, Fredrick Sylvan, Rico Gordon, Babak Shahrtash and Bruce Shahrtash are definitely names to look out for in the future.